Traditionally we have avoided importing tractors, but as implements have become more specialised and sophisticated so the demand for specific custom tractors is increasing. In fact many of the best tractor manufacturers in Italy no longer make tractors for “the floor”. Each and every tractor is custom built for a specific customer.

The lines between traditional open field tractors and specialist vineyard or orchard tractors are no longer as clear-cut as they once were. We have focused on specific use tractors under 100 HP made by Carraro that are incredibly durable and technologically advanced. Their continued investment in research and development has created tractors suitable for the most challenging environments and rugged conditions.

Their Frutetto and Vignetto ranges are available in both lower and higher models for almost any vineyard or orchard application. The Frutteto Largo offers a multi-use tractor in the 100 hp class and fitted with a front PTO and super creeper, is an ideal forestry mulching or stone crushing machine.