Imported Agricultural Equipment

Farm Italy Imports originated as a farming enterprise and evolved into an importer of cutting edge farm machinery pursuing regenerative farming practices.

We are farmers first so we understand farmers need quality, durable and efficient equipment that saves costs, labour and time. We have an open door policy where farmers can test a machine in the field before committing to purchase.

Farm Italy evolved from Hunt Africa, a buffalo breeding entity formed in 1994. In 2008, on a visit to an Italian agricultural show – it became clear that there were significant opportunities in learning to farm more efficiently. In 2010 we registered as importers and imported our first machines for field testing. We were so impressed that, what was started as a side-line, has become our core business

Over the years, we have tried, tested, and in some cases broken a wide variety of machines and implements on our very rugged mountain farm. Only the best machines, that have survived our gruelling conditions, have made it into our product lines. They are all market leaders on the global stage and offer the South African farmer the most robust machinery at competitive pricing. We provide feedback to our suppliers to continually to improve the efficiency and applicability of the lines that we import.

We import only top quality machines from Italy. Our approach is simple – We focus on market leading technologies, where we have direct personal relationships with the manufacturers. We field test every machine to be sure it is tough enough to endure under African conditions. We are passionate about constantly learning new ideas and cutting edge farming practice.

The huge challenge in farming today is finding soil synergy between man and machine while working in harmony with nature and achieving economic sustainability.