Sitrex is unquestionably a market leader in vertical feed mixer technology.  The machines are the most rugged and dependable feed mixers available and they remain the mainstay of our imported lines. They also produce balers and wrappers for both round and square bales.

TMC Cancela
TMC CANCELA is synonymous with quality and creativity, creating and perfecting mulching equipment. Over the years they have developed over 500 models of brushcutters and mulchers for every application, anywhere in the world. They are innovative mulching, pruning and stone crushing specialists. All their mulchers are made with hardox and flexisteel making them perfect for rough African conditions.

CM Elevatori

Hydraulic forklifts for agricultural tractors with performances and quality without compromise. They are available in different configurations. They satisfy all needs and facilitate all kind of work.


GL&D have created an extremely robust turbine integrated disk wood chipper that combines low horse power requirements with a very high volume chipper capable of chipping logs up to 250cm in diameter.  The blade life has to be experienced to be believed!


Femac make detachable excavator arms for all makes of tractors as well as a wide variety of mulching heads and hydraulic telescopic hedge mowers.  Their collaboration with DMS offers the ideal marriage between a multi-use excavator arm and a heavy duty all terrain auger.


DMS is an innovative forestry company in the Appenine mountains. They design and manufacture a wide range of augers, gearboxes and attachments for excavators.  Their collaboration with Femac offers the ideal marriage between a multi-use excavator arm and a heavy duty all terrain auger.

Argnani & Monti

Argnani & Monti are an innovative and reliable manufacturer of quick detachable front-end loaders and attachments for all makes of tractors.


Carraro supply custom made tractors for the most challenging environments and rugged conditions.  We focus on specific use tractors under 100 HP that are incredibly durable and technologically advanced.  They are ideal tractors for almost any vineyard or orchard application.


The MaterMacc UST “Under Surface Technology” pneumatic drill planter has been designed to work both in no-till and minimum-till conditions to sow all kinds of winter/spring crops, cereals, grass seeds, cover crops. The machine was designed for multi-species planting. The technology used eliminates contact between seeds and crop residues, which are distributed on the surface. Moreover, seed to soil contact is maximised for optimal root development.

Quite simply we only import the best quality at the most competitive prices!