The MaterMacc UST “Under Surface Technology” pneumatic drill planter has been designed to work both in no-till and minimum-till conditions to sow all kinds of winter/spring crops, cereals, grass seeds, cover crops. The machine was designed for multi-species planting. The technology used eliminates contact between seeds and crop residues, which are distributed on the surface. Moreover, seed to soil contact is maximised for optimal root development.


~ Reduced soil breakdown action which enhances soil structure and increases mineralization of organic matter. This promotes the development of soil micro-organisms and stimulates soil health.
~ Reduction of soil erosion and minimal soil nutrient loss as a result of wind and water erosion.
~ Increased soil moisture retention.
~ Increased availability of soil nutrients at the first stage of development and consequently less nutrient demand during the growing phase.
~ Better water absorption and retention and therefore faster crop growth.
~ Effective weed control thus reducing or eliminating the need for herbicide.